Capital Structure & Directors' Interests

Hansa Trust has an unlimited life. The Company has 8m ordinary shares and 16m ‘A’ non-voting shares. The Company is currently authorised (via an annual shareholder resolution) to repurchase up to 14.99% of its ‘A’ non-voting ordinary shares.

The ‘A’ non-voting ordinary shares were originally issued to existing shareholders in the 1950s when Hansa Trust was called Scottish & Mercantile Investment Trust. Shortly afterwards the Company, led by Walter Salomon, concluded a share swap with the shareholders of Ocean Wilsons Holdings Ltd. The Company swapped it’s ‘A’ non-voting shares for equity in Ocean Wilson Holdings Ltd securing 51% of the latter company’s share capital.

The Company may employ gearing and has a borrowing facility of £30m, although this has not been drawn on significantly in recent periods.

The Directors have the following holdings:

Director Name Ord (voting) Ord % Holding A-Ord (non-voting) A-Ord % Holding
W Salomon 2,115,869 26.45% 98,700 0.62%
A Hammond-Chambers 4,900 0.06% 10,600 0.07%
Prof G Wood 1,000 0.01% 2,000 0.01%
Jonathan Davie 4,000 0.05% 26,000 0.16%
Lord Oxford 1,850 0.02% 1,850  0.01% 
Total 2,127,619 26.60% 139,150 0.87%

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