Our Principles

  • The Portfolio: The objective of Hansa Trust is to achieve growth of shareholder value, from a concentrated, long-term, non-index correlated portfolio of unusual investments, which would not normally be available for investment to individual investors.
  • Stock Selection: Our focus is to identify, invest in and monitor well managed companies with good growth prospects being fully aware that their underlying strategies may take time to come to fruition.
  • Risk: We believe the risk that Hansa Trust shareholders run is that they do not make money and do not regard short-term volatility as a risk for long-term shareholders.
  • Benchmark: Our benchmark sets a target for returns that reflect the Company’s objective, of long-term growth of shareholder value.
  • Dividends: We regard dividends as an important part of the return that shareholders enjoy, the dividends that are payable to shareholders will depend on the make-up of the portfolio as we strive to maximize shareholder value. As such dividends may fluctuate but over the long term, we would expect the dividend to grow.
  • Discount Policy: Our policy is based on encouraging market place demand for the shares, by ensuring the Company has an investment policy that is likely to produce above average returns over the long-term and promoting the Company so as to encourage the demand for its shares. We do not seek minimise the discount or manipulate share prices by operating a share buyback program in order to provide liquidity for the benefit of shareholders who wish to sell their shares. The Board is empowered to buy back shares and under certain circumstances will do so but only when it is advantageous to all shareholders and does not prejudice the make-up of the portfolio.

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