Portfolio Manager

Hansa Capital Partners LLP is the Portfolio Manager for Hansa Trust. Its Investment Team is headed by Alec Letchfield and William Salomon, both bringing a wealth of experience of the asset management world.

Alec Letchfield is a partner having joined Hansa Capital Partners as Chief Investment Officer in September 2013 from HSBC where, as CIO for Wealth and Multi-Asset, he was instrumental in the development of the multi-asset class offering for private clients for the HSBC Group. This highly diverse range of solutions generated excellent investment performance and industry leading asset growth. Previously he headed up the UK equity team, managing a range of high conviction portfolios.

William Salomon is the senior partner at Hansa Capital Partners and has extensive knowledge of all aspects of private client and strategic fund investment business. William was responsible for developing Finsbury Asset Management and the Finsbury range of funds based on the concept of early recognition of key investment trends and appointing specialist managers until taken over in 1995 by Rea Brothers Group, the family’s bank, of which he eventually became Chairman until the bank was subsequently sold to Close Brothers. William is also Deputy Chairman of Ocean Wilsons Holdings Limited and its listed subsidiary Wilson Sons Limited and a Director of Hansa Trust PLC.

William, along with other Salomon family members, has a significant beneficial ownership in Hansa Trust. This provides a great deal of stability to the Company and enables the Board and Investment Manager to take a longer term view of returns rather than ‘chasing the market’. Hansa Capital Partners looks for well managed companies with good growth prospects being fully aware that their underlying strategies may take time to come to fruition.

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