Investment Characteristics

Core to our investment process are a set of underlying beliefs that we believe are fundamental to delivering excellent long-term investment performance and value creation:

Our DNA... What we’re not...
A fund aspiring for excellent long-term returns A short-term trading fund
A belief in fundamental research and analysis Momentum investors chasing the latest fad
Conviction investing An overly diverse list of holdings
Exclusivity, with our fund holdings not normally available to the man in the street A portfolio consisting of funds that are readily available to the retail investor
Direct equity holdings that typically consist of companies with sound management teams, leading market positions, a resilience to change and those firms that generate high returns on capital  Companies which are overly exposed to developed market consumers and government expenditure, and managements chasing the latest trend
Anti-benchmark investors – why tie oneself to a benchmark if the outlook is poor? A tracker
Shareholder alignment with significant personal investment by the Directors and Investment Managers A typical fund management operation biased towards asset gathering rather than investment performance

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